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Private - Anonymous


Introducing the Private-Anonymous Browser App from Xform Computing

Protect your privacy, security, AND browse any site including Flash Video!

Private Anonymous Browser connects you to an Incognito Tab of a real "desktop" Chrome Browser running in a cloud-hosted virtual service. None of your browsing activity, history, cookies, data, URLs, image/cache - nothing at all is ever kept. In fact, thanks to the virtual system, none of this data is ever transmitted to your device. All data is deleted from the server upon end of your session.  
What can you browse with Private Anonymous Browser? Any site! The App adds these exclusive features:

Awesome standard features (Basic and Premium): 

  • All sessions open in “Chrome Incognito Tab”, and are completely anonymous and private. No web content, text, images, downloads, cookies or web data is ever passed, nor stored or cached on your iPad or iPhone. Instead, your session runs remotely on our secure servers and only the screen is transmitted to your Private-Anonymous Browser App while you are using it: After you end your browsing session all browsing data is erased/deleted all the way up through the server session. 
  • Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites, and click with precision 
  • Right-click menu access - works for Chrome menus, as well as website- and Java app-specific menus (How to right-click: activate mouse mode, position arrow-cursor where you want the menu, tap two fingers) 
  • Mulit-tab and multi-window navigation 
  • Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys 

Powerful *Premium features: 

The following features are available in our Premium service (via In-App purchase):
  • Play Flash Video ** 
  • Use Interactive Flash sites and games 
  • Install Chrome Web Store Apps and Extensions (P) 
  • Java support (P) (needed for games like Runescape. PartyPoker, or sites like eTrade Pro, Scottrade, Unimatic, etc.) 
  • Secure VPN: Premium connections pass through an SSH-encrypted* tunnel. Now you can connect to any WiFi connection - even "public", unencrypted/insecure WiFi, and your entire session will be encrypted.   Important: when in Video Mode video stream is not encrypted. However, all text you type in Premium mode IS encrypted and passed through our VPN tunnel).
*Important Notes: 
  1. There are two viewing modes with different security related to VNP:
    • Image/text Mode ("VNC") is on by default; all data is encrypted in both directions. 
    • When Video Mode is activated, the inbound video/audio stream is not encrypted. (all outbound data such as typing IS still encrypted in Video Mode). 
  2. Landscape mode only is supported at this time 
  3. Performance depends on your distance from our data centers: US East Coast (near DC); US West coast (Los Angeles, CA); or Sofia, Bulgaria in Europe. The farther you are from these locations, the more latency/delay you may experience. 
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