User Guide for VirtualBrowser-Chrome, and Private Anonymous Browser

Note: Basic sessions are anonymous / "Incognito" (no history, tabs, apps, bookmarks, logins, or settings are saved between sessions).  ( Get Premium for Saved settings & Java!)

Virtual Chrome Help animation


Video Mode: higher frame rate, smoother video and animation

Text/Image Mode: Sharper text and still images


ToolBar & Command Keys



"Mouse mode" enables precise mouse movements. Switch in/out of Mouse mode by tapping the Icon on the Toolbar. 
When in Mouse mode: Swipe *anywhere* on the screen and the arrow cursor moves in unison with your finger. Tap anywhere, and the click occurs where the arrow cursor is.
Virtual Chrome Help - Mouse mode hover tooltips

Use Mouse Mode when you need to 'hover' the arrow/cursor over to see pop-ups, or to precisely right-click, select text or move/drag items. The screen will pan as needed as the arrow moves. Tap-tap drag will select. 

Virtual Chrome Multi window selector



Window selector

Wahlschalter von Fenstern
Sélecteur de fenêtres
selector de ventanas
selettore di finestre
seletor de janelas


Tab selector

The Tab Selector tool shows the number of open tabs. Tap it to open a scrollable view with thumbnails of all tabs. Tap the desired tab to bring it to the foreground.

Select: Tap-tap-swipe

Right-Click / Menu: 2-finger tap

Zoom re-set = 3 finger tap:

More tips

Double-Tap = Select a word/item
3-taps = Select sentence
Shift-tap = extends selection (like shift-click)


Frequently Asked Questions

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