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Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition

Also available for iPad: 

Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition




Run Flash & Java Apps


Powerful featuresScreenshot AlwaysOnWeb-Chrome with Flash and Java on your iPad or iPhone

Screenshot AlwaysOnWeb-Chrome with Flash and Java on your iPad or iPhone


Install Chrome Extensions!Screenshot AlwaysOnWeb-Chrome with Flash and Java on your iPad or iPhone


Learn more...Screenshot Evony, partypoker, Adobe Reader, Runescape on iPad

Java runtime for iPhone is now a reality!

If you were ever wondering how to install java runtime for iPhone, now you can! With the Virtual-Browser for Chrome App java runtime for iPhone is available with one simple app download!

example of Java runtime for iPhone

Virtual-Browser for Chrome App opens up a wide variety of apps and games – like java runtime for iPhone – that you can use from iPhone:

java runtime for iPhone screenshot

Here's a brief video demonstrating VirtualBrowser for Chrome App in action:

Using the power of cloud computing, the Virtual-Chrome App app lets users run the real 'desktop-class' Chrome browser via a virtual system, and overcome limitations of iPhone browsers which lack support for Adobe Flash, Java applications, Add-ons Plug-ins, Themes/skins, and Extensions. Virtual-Chrome App delivers these key capabilities (as well as java runtime for iPhone) so you can benefit from having a Flash player for iPhone.

Introducing Virtual-Browser for Chrome App

In addition to java runtime for iPhone, the Virtual-Browser for Chrome® App for iPhone brings the power of the full 'desktop version' of the Mozilla® Chrome®web browser to your iPhone  -- including all the features you've been missing in Safari:

Flash Player for iPhone and iPhone

The VirtualBrowser for Chrome App for iPad brings the power of the full 'desktop version' Google Chrome browser to your iOS device -- including all the features you've been missing in Safari or other native browsers for iPad:

➢ Club Penguin ➢ Bridgebase/ OK Bridge ➢ JibJab
➢ WebKinz ➢ Paperless Post ➢ Yahoo Web Hosting
➢ BlueMountain ➢ American Greetings Facebook Flash Games on iPhone
➢ Farmville2/CityVille ➢ Mafia Wars ➢ Poker   ...& many more

Java on iPad

➢ Runescape ➢ PartyPoker ➢ Etrade Pro Elite
➢ Scottrade ➢ United Unimatic ➢ Gametable ...

...and many more. VirtualChrome will run most Java, including JAR, JNLP and WebStart (with Premium option), and is a great way to instantly mobilze your corporate / Enterprise Java apps!

Chrome Extensions & Themes on iPad

➢ Springpad Spring it web clipper for iPhone ➢ Lastpass ➢ Xmarks
➢ Adblock Plus ➢ Amazon Wishlist ➢ Stylish
➢ AwesomeScreen capture ➢ Picasa ➢ .... and tons more!

Chrome Sync*

Browse more, type less: Login with your Google ID and Sync Chrome* bookmarks, history tabs, and more anywhere you use Chrome, right from your iPad, using VirtualBrowser for Chrome App!

Chrome Web Store & Apps on iPad

The native Chrome app from Google doesn't yet run Chrome Web Apps or the Chrome Web Store. Now you can access them directly from your iPad using VirtualBrowser for Chrome, including apps like these:

➢ Prezi ➢ QuickBooks Online ➢ Google Sites
➢ Adobe CreatePDF ➢ ➢
➢ Zoho ➢ SlideRocket (Create,edit & host)   ...and lots more

Powerful standard features

  • Video Mode makes videos and Flash animations smoother
  • Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites
  • Right-click menu access - works for Chrome menus, as well as website- and Java app -sepecific menus
  • Mulit-tab and multi-window usage
  • Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys
  • Fully secure: all connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device (its securely stored in your virtual browsing account).

* Premium Option   * These two features -- 1) Cloud storage/remembering of your login/settings/bookmarks/history/tabs/extensions etc. and 2) Extended Java (jar and JNLP support) require in-app purchase of Premium Option.   Learn more...

How is this possible?   Read more about how Xform Computing uses the power of cloud computing to deliver Virtual-Browser for Chrome  Learn more...

iPad: Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition        iPhone: Virtual Chrome Flash and Java Browser – iPad edition

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